Welcome to Alliance Junior Swim Team. We are a family friendly learn to swim club providing swimming lessons designed for Children from the age of 6 years old. With the emphasis on building confidence and enjoyment, children learn the FUNdamental skills for water safety and for developing a wide range of aquatic skills alongside the four main swimming strokes.

Alliance Junior Swim Team is split into 5 levels. Each child is placed in an appropiate level according to experience and ability, and will progress at his or her own pace through the levels. We follow the ASA national plan levels 1 - 12. Once a child has completed a level they will receive a certificate. All our voluntary teachers are qualified or are training to become qualified.

Although Alliance Junior Swim Team has a history and a strong relationship with Alliance Amateur Swim Club, we are not a competitive swimming club but will provide the fundamental skills on completion of our level 5 to allow your child to progress to competitive swimming.