About Us

Alliance Junior Swim Team is a family friendly learn to swim club providing swimming lessons designed for Children from the age of 6 years. Our sessions run on a Thursday evening from 6.00pm to 7.00pm.

Up to a number of years ago Alliance Junior Swim Team were part of Alliance Amateur Swimming Club. Alliance Swimming Club was founded in 1946 by a group of young men and women living in the Alliance area of North Belfast. An outbreak of polio had closed all the public pools in Belfast and the group got together to swim at Macedon point on the north foreshore of Belfast Lough. Thankfully they returned “indoors” once the pools re-opened and almost 70 years later they are still going strong.

The decision to seperate the clubs was to allow the learn to swim section of the club to reduce the insurance cost per head and therefore keeping the cost of our sessions to a minimum and opening up the learn to swim opportunity to the wider community.
The Alliance Junior Swim Team are now affiliated to The CYP Organisation (Children and Young People) who provide Insurance and Child Protection courses.

Clubs for Young People (CYP) was established in 1940 as an independent, voluntary association of local youth clubs and youth organisations. Formerly known as The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Northern Ireland, our mission is to support the personal and social development of children and young people and to promote good community relations and community development.

They are a registered charity and company, and an infrastructure organisation which delivers key support services and programmes to a network of over 160 youth clubs and youth organisations with a combined membership of 18,000 young people and volunteers. They deliver youth work projects and youth sports competitions and events which enable young people to gain a sense of success and accomplishment and each year they work directly with around 2000 young people. The aim to inspire young people and those who work on their behalf to be their best in the pursuit of shared goals and to make a real difference in their community. This is the purpose of Clubs for Young People – it’s what they aspire to achieve.

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